Poker Coaching Videos

Easywithaces & BBZ - How to play your big blind in 2019

BBZ walks Fintan through his PT4 database and identifies things to work on during WCOOP, with a focus on solving the most common mistakes made defending the Big blind.


Spraggy & BBZ - C-Betting Out of Position

In this 1,5h video, BBZ and spraggy comb through PT4 stats, looking for easily identifiable leaks. Based on findings, the two go through a lesson on C-betting flops out of position.


Egption & BBZ - Common Leaks Costing Players Thousands (Database & HH Review)

BBZ jumps into a coaching session with Twitch streamer Egption and runs through the common areas that people are leaking money, but are almost always overlooked.


Bparis & BBZ - How To Succeed In WCOOP (Leak Buster)

BBZ sits down with friend & BBZ Coaching member Bparis to discuss crucial leaks to plug before WCOOP - the biggest poker series of the year.


Pluribus 1: enter the matrix (AI Strategy Revealed)

Why is Pluribus important? What kind of things can you learn? BBZ sheds some light on what Pluribus means for Poker and how you can use it to push your game further.


$10k SCOOP HH analysis

BBZ takes an in-depth look at a hand from a $2,100 SCOOP Event and then dives into hands from his $10k SCOOP.


Blind vs. Blind in 2019

BBZ breaking down BvB play with weak ranges. Blind vs blind is a common area for players to struggle in 2019.


In Depth: SB Flatting

Using solvers and Hand Histories, BBZ takes a look at Small Blind strategies vs Button Raise First In @ 40BB