Poker Coaching Videos

BBZ x apestyles - Every Hand Explained (The Proper Way To Study A Hand History)

BBZ and long time high stakes tournament crusher Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet join forces to create a 1.5hr extremely detailed breakdown of a $1050 tournament win from the early-mid stages. Players of all skill levels will be able to pull tons of value from this series.


Easywithaces & BBZ - How to play your big blind in 2019

BBZ walks Fintan through his PT4 database and identifies things to work on during WCOOP, with a focus on solving the most common mistakes made defending the Big blind.


Spraggy & BBZ - C-Betting Out of Position

In this 1.5h video, BBZ and spraggy comb through PT4 stats, looking for easily identifiable leaks. Based on findings, the two go through a lesson on C-betting flops out of position.


Late Position Flop Play Explained: CO vs BTN (30BB)

53 minute video analyzing BTN vs CO optimal flop plays through aggregate data & piosolver. This video targets a commonly misplayed spot that will occur often in tournament poker.


Blind vs. Blind in 2019

BBZ breaking down BvB play with weak ranges. Blind vs blind is a common area for players to struggle in 2019.