Poker Coaching Videos

Introduction to Quantitative Strategies

Do you know how to calculate an MDF? What about estimating your fold frequency vs an unknown range on the river? Geometric Progression? Are you looking for an edge against the competition? In this new video BBZ introduces beginners to basic quantitative strategies that are both practical and useful.


BBZ x Apestyles (II) - Deep Run Decoded

BBZ & HSMTT crusher Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet are back combining their years of experience, to give you a 1.5hr+ comprehensive breakdown (complete with PioSolver analysis & range construction) of the mid-late stages of a $1050 tournament that BBZ won.


BBZ x apestyles (I) - Hands Explained (The Proper Way To Study A Hand History)

BBZ and long time high stakes tournament crusher Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet join forces to create a 1.5hr extremely detailed breakdown of a $1050 tournament win from the early-mid stages. Players of all skill levels will be able to pull tons of value from this series.


Late Position Flop Play Explained: CO vs BTN (30BB)

53 minute video analyzing BTN vs CO optimal flop plays through aggregate data & piosolver. This video targets a commonly misplayed spot that will occur often in tournament poker.


Blind vs. Blind in 2019

BBZ breaking down BvB play with weak ranges. Blind vs blind is a common area for players to struggle in 2019.


Easywithaces & BBZ - How to play your big blind in 2019

BBZ walks Fintan through his PT4 database and identifies things to work on during WCOOP, with a focus on solving the most common mistakes made defending the Big blind.


Spraggy & BBZ - C-Betting Out of Position

In this 1.5h video, BBZ and spraggy comb through PT4 stats, looking for easily identifiable leaks. Based on findings, the two go through a lesson on C-betting flops out of position.