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Get Staked in Poker with BBZ

BBZ Staking can give you the financial flexibility and top tier instruction needed to rapidly advance your poker career. With industry leading backing you'll be able to focus on improving your game with the support of our professional poker coaches and exclusive community resources. We know that choosing a poker staking partner is a huge decision and you need backer that's flexible, communicative, and that has secure funding tonight, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

Infinite Bankroll

Being able to separate your personal funds for living expenses and have someone else take on the swings can be a major contributor to improved play. No more decisions tainted by an inadequate bankroll or skipping games you should be playing.

Top Tier Coaching

Our coaching team is passionate about seeing BBZ stakees succeed. All of our coaches are industry veterans with real world experience and poker championship titles. BBZ stakees succeed due in large part to the amazing crew and community at BBZ Poker Coaching.

Best In Class

BBZ Staking is the longest running poker staking group in business today. We've weathered storms where other backing groups have folded and we're just getting started. You choose a partner that's going going to have your back for the long haul when you sign with BBZ.

BBZ Staked

Conor "1_conor_b_1" Beresford

"Also known as PocketFives #1 in the UK, Conor has established himself as one of the top winners in the world over the past few years. Besides crushing tournaments, Conor is a 3x Supernova Elite. He is most often found playing high stakes SNGs on PokerStars. Conor has racked up over 5 million in cashes and 1 million in profit with wins including SCOOP $2,100 4-max, $2,100 8-max High Roller, $2,600 PartyPoker Super High Roller, and dozens more."

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Guntis "poker@luffyD" Aleskins

"Over the course of Guntis Aleskins career with BBZ Staking he has amassed over $1.5 mm profit, winning everything from low stakes turbos to high stakes WCOOP events. Guntis has demonstrated, with consistent study and unrelenting volume, you can outwork your competition and produce world-class results."

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Ryan "TheTender31" Martin

"Your environment is one of the most underappreciated factors of success in any discipline. In 2017 I joined BBZ and fulfilled this crucial element. There is nothing more motivating than surrounding yourself with similarly hard-working, ambitious individuals and at BBZ that starts at the top with Jordan and trickles on down to BBZ Staking’s coaches and stakees."

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Poker is a game of skill where participants are rewarded or punished violently. There is so much volatility that even the most successful players obtain financing from experienced staking groups. Don't make the mistake of trying to weather the storm alone. Protect your personal finances and get staked by the best. Please fill out the form below to get started.

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